Signing Up Benefits with YouTube
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Signing Up Benefits with YouTube

Anyone who visits the site can search the site and watch videos. You arenÂ’t required to register, to supply information about yourself, or to create a user name and a password. ThatÂ’s a pretty good deal: One hundred million videos at your fingertips, and youÂ’re free to watch them in total anonymity.

When you’re registering a new account, YouTube doesn’t demand excessive amounts of personal information from you. YouTube doesn’t ask for your home address or your telephone number  and it does not ask for your credit card number. Compared to most other major sites, the YouTube registration requirements are appealingly non-intrusive.

But let’s not kid ourselves: We all know that in this brave, new world of the Web, complete anonymity is a thing of the past. Whenever you register an account with any Web site, you’re sharing your personal information. But you can feel safe with YouTube: Their terms-of-service disclosure assures you that they won’t share your personal information with other Web sites or corporations.

YouTube has an open-door policy: Anyone who visits the site can search the site and watch videos. You aren’t required to register, to supply information about yourself, or to create a username and a password. That’s a pretty good deal: One hundred million videos at your fingertips, and you’re free to watch them in total anonymity.If anonymity is appealing to you, the following is a list of things you can do on YouTube without registering or logging in:

  • You have unlimited ability to search the YouTube video collection,including video groups.
  • You can create a QuickList of videos that you want to save for later viewing.
  • You can view the history of your session: a compendium of all the videos you’ve watched.
  • You can share a video that you like by forwarding a link to friends’ e-mail addresses.
  • You can search through the Help section for answers to any questions you have about using YouTube.

Without registering or logging in, YouTube doesn’t know who you are, and anything you save  such as a QuickList  is lost when you quit your browser or shut down your computer. In addition to searching and watching videos, YouTube offers many fun and interesting features commenting on a video, for example, or creating a list of your favorite videos and to access those features you must first create an account.

The following is a list of YouTube features, which you must first register to access:

  • Leaving feedback or commenting on a video
  • Uploading your own video
  • Flagging a video as inappropriate
  • Creating specialty accounts, such as Director, Comedian, or Guru accounts
  • Customizing your experience with subscriptions and playlists
  • Creating your own channel
  • Integrating YouTube with your personal Web site

These and other features truly enhance your relationship with YouTube,allowing you to customize your experience and interact with the YouTube community. After you register, your preferences ,your favorite videos,your subscriptions, your search history, and so on, are all saved to your account page.

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Comments (7)

All good points.

Good list of reasons to create an account. I appreciate that all my videos are accessible in one spot. That url really comes in handy. Nice job!

Interesting article Jo. How many folk know the "hidden" secret to being able to download a YouTube movie by changing it's title ever so slightly........? After doing this, It can be downloaded as an FLV, and then converted into AVI MPEG for general use.

Very informative Jo. I've really had little involvement with Utube beyond embedding some of the Utube videos in articles that I've written for online sites.

Ahhh . . . not for me. I'm satisfied sticking to the aspects I can glean for free.

Here is something for free in YouTube - designed for the naysayers in our midst :-) ----- Here is the YouTube item: Now, just make this ONE small change: and Voila! - you will, I hope, be amazed at the result!

I have an account in that site...very convenient in sending greetings for birthdays and many occasions friends, family and relatives...