How to Make Money Posting Videos Online
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How to Make Money Posting Videos Online

Their are sites on the web that will pay to post videos on them. Here's a short list of some good sites to use.

Did you guys know that you can make money online by posting videos to certain websites online.  So, if you readers out there are familiar with paid-to-post article submission websites, just imagine the same concept, only in this case - the subject of content will be videos.  The concept works exactly the same.  Ads are placed near or within a video and for each click or impression to that ad their is a certain amount of revenue that the content poster will recieve.  Now, lets talk about a couple of these websites.

Firstly, lets' talk about the first website on the list - YouTube.  YouTube may be one of the most popular websites on the web (internet).  This (YouTube) is a video hosting website.  One can upload ones video(s) to this website and generate views from all accros the nation (disclaimer - not all videos will execute or have this potential or absolute out-come) in question or even the world as a hole.  A popular, newer, feature to the YouTube website is the "youtube partner program".  The YouTube Partner Program allows the user to generate revenue from ads that are placed on videos that they've posted.  A user will, of course, be required to sign up for the program - however, it has been noted in the past that the directors/editors/officials of YouTube have been known to ask users if they would be interested in joining the program (note that those users were/are incredibly popular on the YouTube website). 

But like many things, certain requirements have to be met in order to be able to join the YouTube partner program. A user must be able to generate many thousands of views to their content daily, little if no fowl language can be used, and their can be no use of content that doesn't belong to the user in question; but those are only a few rules. 

A second website that many video-making individuals will enjoy is  Revver is a site similar to YouTube, however, Revver will pay its' users with out them first achieving a certain number of views.  Many people like (enjoy) this site, however, almost just the same amount of persons don't like the site.  Most people that do like the website, like it because of it's payment system.  The payment system works through adsense and is paid-out through PayPal.  However, the site is known to not attract too many views (mostly because YouTube is responsible for attracting most of them).  Those individuals who don't like the website, pretty much just don't like it because they've compared it to YouTube and YouTube just seemed better (the more efficient website to use).  

In any case, it's good to try finding other websites and trying out which ever site seems to be the best for yourself.  A single site more that I'm not going to delve too far into, is  You guys can check that out.  To continue on, if you guys have any more sites list them in the comments section below. 

Thanks guys.   

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thanks for the tips.

No problem friend... Always here to help.