How to Get Started Successfully on Youtube
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How to Get Started Successfully on Youtube

Youtube is a place to upload your own videos. It is the largest media website online. Get yourself started on Youtube by following the steps on this article.

Youtube is one of the fastest growing websites online. It’s a place to upload videos and watch other videos. The growth and amount of traffic makes it an ideal place to get noticed and become popular, which of course is a relative term. But anyways, Youtube has millions of members that love to watch videos and spend a lot of time doing just that.

Getting Started on Youtube

The first piece to getting started on Youtube is picking the topics you’ll be covering in your videos. This should be done even before making your account. The reason you do it before creating your account is so you can properly name your account. Say if you want to make videos on dogs. You may want your Channel Name or Username to be Dogs4Ever. It’s better to have a relevant name. My channel name is NickIsReviews. I do reviews on a bunch of different topics and a lot more about Internet Business. I kind of wish I had made it NickIsInternetBusiness or something. But oh well!

The next step is making that account and tweaking your channel and settings to what you want to make them be. This can be done easily and I won’t go into how to do that, since it’s pretty simple and Youtube tells you how.

Making Your First Video

Then you want to make your first video. Most people make introductions to their channel and what people can expect for videos on this channel. This can just be you talking into the camera or a screen recording with you talking into a microphone. I personally don’t want my face in my videos, but I may transition to some of these kinds of videos. It’s all up to you though. There are probably other ideas that I don’t even know about. Be creative!

After this video you may want to set a schedule for posting videos. I recommend no more then every other day and no less then every two weeks. You, of course, could do daily videos and more then biweekly videos, but within those two is the average range. I think I’m going to do weekly videos as I get more into Youtube.

Cameras for Youtube

As far as cameras go, you have four types that you can go for. Those four types are screen recorders, flip cameras, webcams, and professional-style cameras. Screen Recorders are common and show people stuff that you are doing on your computer. You’d use this if you are doing program reviews or something of that sort. Flip Cameras are good for vlogs and action shots. But can be used to record you talking as well. Webcams can be used to show you talking and are usually used for just that. They usually don’t have the best quality, but some are pretty good quality. Professional-Style cameras are what big Youtubers are using. They have great quality, a lot of space, and have many features. Don’t worry about these cameras if you’re just getting started.

These were just a few steps and tips about getting yourself onto the largest media website on the internet. I hope you have great success with it. Oh, and don’t get discouraged if your first few videos don’t go viral. It takes a while, like on other platform online, to get yourself noticed. But make good content and keep at it, then you will get a ton of views. Remember that Youtube is a search engine just like Google

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