Going Deep With KassemG: The Guy Who Does Anything For a Laugh
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Going Deep With KassemG: The Guy Who Does Anything For a Laugh

KassemG is an unusually styled Jordanian-American comedian.

A Google search for KassemG produces about 550,000 results. KassemG is a niche comedian who makes YouTube movies with dry humor and a distinctive manner. KassemG's interviews; one is about California on Worst Jobs. KassemG also interviews adult actress Kimber James, who recently had a mini facelift and her third nose job.

KassemG excels in the awkward and unusual, and makes a point to extend awkward silences intentionally for comedic value. The art of KassemG involves placing himself in awkward situations in order to provide a laugh and some page views. The comedian typically introduces raw and child inappropriate content into his movies (intended for adult audiences).

A simple Google or YouTube search for KassemG reveals his own YouTube channel, and each movie has millions of views. KassemG excels at driving traffic to his movies, although exactly what he is trying to accomplish remains to be seen. KassemG hosts a web page full of his movies at http://thekassemg.com/ Although traffic to his site has slowed and nothing new has been posted since July of 2011, KassemG remains one of the most highly subscribed YouTube user/producers.

KassemG's heritage is Jordanian-American, and his full name is Kassem Gharaibeh'. His two most popular series are Going Deep and California On. The Going Deep series usually involves interviews with adult pornography film stars in which Kassem gets the stars to do unusual things like reading Oedipus Rex (from the point of view of Jocasta) and other things that stretch the boundaries of their art. He then finds some excuse to make out with them and finally notes that it was disgusting.

The California On series is fairly simple is premise: Kassem picks a topic, and then walks around randomly interviewing Californians for their opinion on the topic. The Worst jobs movie evoked responses like Dunkin' Donuts and WalMart when KassemG managed to stay on topic.

The premise of KassemG's movies seem to stem from creating scenes of social awkwardness. For example, in interviews with California on Stereotypes, Kassem loved walking up to older people and asking them their opinion of different races and what everybody says about them, including American Indians, Mexicans, African Americans, and moany others. The responses can range from intriguing accusations to legitimate hatred to outright ignorance, but some are just plain funny. For an unusual way to waste time on a cold Saturday morning, subscribe to KassemG.

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Comments (3)

I don't know this person, thanks for the introduction

good introduction, voted up

His comedy is much more than just "awkward.." Too bad you can't see that.